OEM Offers


VitaPharm welcomes OEM and OAM orders

for your herbal supplements and products

Your formulas OR our formulas

Top quality herbs and fast delivery guaranteed

USDA and EU Organic labels on your private labels available!

All herbs grown in oGAP farms

USDA and EU Organic certification available for 500 herbs

Processed in tGPP factories, cGMP factories and organic certified processing facilities

All herbal substances have standardized elements

Dosage forms made to your order:

0.25g teapills, tablets, clear or colored vegetable or Jelo capsules,

0.05g Microdrops®,

5:1 or 10:1 extract granules,

elixirs, tinctures, tea bags, tea bag cut herbs,

Micropowder( in 500 mesh or 3000 mesh cell open herb powder)

herbal oil and cosmetic cream.

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