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Packed With Natural Goodness

VitaPharm is constantly improving TCM with the most up-to-date sources of herbs in their cleanest, purest, original form. Wild and farmed herbs come from organic bases or areas protected from pollution. Harvesting and processing standards are kept high.

In the dispensing, prescribing and ingesting of herbs, VitaPharm seeks to provide herbs in forms as close as possible to TCM as taught by generations of experts.

VitaPharm herbs are free of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, sulfur and other man-made contaminants. Our new method of HIB sterilization leaves no residual toxicity. Our herbs have no radiation residue. And, with no ultraviolet processing, there is no cell mutation.

The joint ventures VitaPharm has with Chinese farmers in five organic bases and herb farms do not utilize chemical fertilizers and pesticides. VitaPharm #5 Organic Base is situated on the Three Rivers Source zone, where the Yangzi, Yellow and Lanchong rivers have their source, an area strictly kept chemical-free.

In early 2010 VitaPharm’s #5 farming base received organic certification for 500 herbs awarded by Germany’s BCS Öko-Garantie Gmbh, the authority recognized in Europe, the US, Korea, Japan and China. BCS is an accredited certifying agent for the USDA National Organic Program. When listed with this certifier, these products can be sold in the US and Europe with USDA and EU Organic labels.

A year earlier, more than 198 varieties of VitaPharm herbs totaling 40,000 tons were certified by China’s environment protection body, Organic Food Development Center.

This makes VitaPharm a major source of organic Chinese herbs in the world.

To view our certificate from BCS Öko-Garantie Gmbh, click below.